Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New blog

First post is up on the new blog. That's where I'll be posting from here on out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pardon the dust

Hello there everyone on the intrawebz. I've been busy working on the boutique so you'll have the convenience of paying online via paypal if you so choose. That's live - yipppeee!
Since I'll have 3 official "branches" for lack of a better term, you'll now see what's called a splash page when you visit my website's home address . Don't fear the extra clicks, I still refuse to use the ever slow loading and annoying full screen window flash sites. Okay they are really pretty, I personally love them, and I'm tempted. But my customers tell me don't do it and this girl listens to what her clients have to say. So no music and long waits, click away. It's self portfolio portfolio (main website), click boutique you get the boutique , click blog you'll see the blog. Totally uncomplicated and easy- simplicity is a good thing.

So hang in there while I move everything from here, over there.

Once the blog is ready, I'll add that option to the splash page and come back here to let you know. Have a great week all!

Let me leave you with one thing to ponder. My facebook status from today-
My "important stuff" box in the safe has no cash, no bills, no expensive contains almost exclusively photos and pictures drawn by Kassi. Although I'm sidetracked a little (was looking for receipts in there) from taxes, this really puts a smile on my face. It makes what I do seem important again. Those pictures are so dear to my heart that they have a place in the safe- my leather purse and kindle fire do not. Something to think about.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Riggans

You ever have a kid in front of the lens that just makes your camera melt? This little chickadee is quite the ham! Had a great time kicking off "cool leaves season" (as I like to call it) with this family!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Smith-Neal Wedding - the details

When we shot Meghan's bridal portraits back in August at the arboretum, I nearly flipped over her bouquet. It had sequins! I knew the wedding flowers would be something else. Check out the beautiful work of Terri Patton. She owns Lake Gaston Flower Shop in Gasburg, VA. This is who you want delivering flowers to the church on your big day. Find her here on facebook.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't sneak a few goodies at the candy bar Meghan and Bobby prepared for guests. Reese's are irresistible.

A firefighter's wedding wouldn't be complete without photos of these...

Thanks guys for stacking up those hats for me!

This beautiful cake was made by Shannon Warren from Roanoke Rapids, NC. I saw a camera cake on her facebook page and guess what- she can make them gluten free. Scott Matthews, paging the hubby- please call Simply Devine Cakes by Design before my birthday. I've gotta have one.

Flowers on the cake courtesy of Lake Gaston Flower Shop

You've seen a little peek at what was going on before the ceremony, now the details, next up we'll have a little closer look at Meghan's dress and the bridal party's attire. Maybe a few shots from the ceremony too.

Chasity and Patrick

A hybrid shoot. Family and Engagement pictures! To top it off- more firefighters in front of the camera. How cool is that? Thanks to the crew at Longbridge Fire Dept out near Eaton's Ferry in Lake Gaston for allowing us to shoot there. The leaves were just starting to turn in a few spots outside, and we had some pretty cool firetrucks to work with inside. Really great spot, nice folks, cute kids. What more could I ask for?

These two were so easy to work with - up for anything open to my wacky ideas. That's always fun!

Love the colors in this. Purple and green, my favorite!

Tell little boys we might get dirty and they don't mind taking pictures one bit!

Metal texture from the fire truck, I'm in heaven!

I saved my favorite for last. I told them, hey you gotta look like "I'm bad". I laughed harder than they did when that came out of my mouth, sure Scott was rolling his eyes but I LOVE this shot. One of my top 5 favs from the whole year.

Thanks Patrick and Chasity for being so easy to work with! We might see more of them here on the blog this summer. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Smith-Neal Wedding pre-ceremony {Warrenton, NC wedding photographer}

Seems like yesterday I was knocking on the door to the guy's dressing room asking "Can I come in"? Not only due to concerns of dressed or undressed.....this is a gang of Class A pranksters you don't want to barge in on. I was given fair warning. I wondered what they were up to but it turns out they were on their best behavior.

I hear there's wedding bells in the future for somebody in this room. My lips are sealed.

Norwood looks pretty serious here. Should we move him to the pulpit?

Den mother Chasity making a list and checking it twice.

When you're this darling what's the need for make-up?

The bride's sister and maid of honor helping her get dressed along with...

....the groom's mother. This photo is special to me- The groom is an only child (like myself) so it was particularly sweet that his mother was one who helped Meghan prepare to marry her only son. This image of her lacing up Meghan's dress is one I hope she will cherish. I found a minute to go say hello to Ms Mary Lou during the reception and tell her how sweet I thought Meghan was. Her face lit up. Her words were "I couldn't have picked a better match for Bobby". I know she's thrilled to finally have a daughter. I've known this family for many years and I promise you those words came straight from the heart.

The bride's cousin lending a hand with the dress. I won't post the photo of her running around in spanx publicly. Spanx for somebody this petite? Yes. They make 'em whether you need 'em or not.

Check out non-bridezilla over here. Calm and cool at all times. Running around helping everybody else get ready. She's one of a kind.

A nurse and a firefighter in front of the camera. People who risk their lives every day to save those of total strangers. I am one privileged photog.

Next time we'll see a few details and photos from the ceremony.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jessica's Bridals {Southside VA}

Bridal portraits from Berry Hill Resort in South Boston VA. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor now have a 40x26 framed canvas of the first one. I so wish you could see that in person. I have one from her bridal portraits very similar to that in 30x40 as my massive framed canvas sample. Just might take me a minute to load it in and out of the car to show you:)